Cable 1.5mm 3C&E TPS Circular for Caravans
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Cable 1.5mm 3C&E TPS Circular for Caravans

1.5mm circular TPS cable ideal for wiring caravans & RVs. This is 3 core & aerth which can be used for wiring exterior lighting sensors etc, or for two way switching circuits. Price is per metre. 
The problem with wiring transportables is the requirement for a suitably compact 7 stranded cable that meets AS/NZS3001. Flexible cables ("flex") needs to be ferruled (have terminals crimped to the conductors) so ends up too bulky. The smallest 7 strand TPS in a normal building cable is 2.5mm which is also too bulky for light fittings and does not easily pass through small wall cavities especially when grommets have to be used. This circular TPS is the best cable we have found for wiring in caravans or similar - its compact, round which suits small holes better, and its fast to use.

  • 1.5mm Three Core & Earth Circular TPS
  • 7 strand copper conductors
  • Red, White, Blue, Green/Yellow
  • Overall diameter 9.3mm
  • V90 insulation 5V-90 sheath
  • AS/NZS5000.2, ROHS compliant
  • UV stabilised, flame retardant
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