6 Way Switchboard Kits
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6 Way Switchboard Kits

6-way switchboard complete with busbars and labels. This size board is ideal for small sleepouts and garages - these boards have a main switch. Also perfect for caravans and transportables - these boards must have an RCBO (RCD) instead of the main switch (select bundle MCB4, MCB4A or MCB5), see our Guide to Caravan & Tiny House Switchboards.

Select from the following options, click on the dropdown box shows individual prices. Any questions please feel free to ask or checkout our guide: 

• MCB1: Main sw + 1 x 6 amp, 1 x 10 amp circuit breaker
• MCB2: Main sw + 1 x 6, 2 x 10 amp
• MCB3: Main sw + 1 x 6, 3 x 10 amp
• MCB4: 1 x 16 amp RCBO (RCD), 1 x 6A, 1 x 10A
• MCB4A: 1 x 16 amp RCBO (RCD), 1 x 2A, 2 x 10A
• MCB5: 1 x 16 amp RCBO (RCD), 1 x 6A, 2 x 10A
• MCB6: Main sw + 63 amp RCCB (RCD), 1 x 6A, 2 x 10A
• MCB7: Main sw + 63 amp RCCB (RCD), 1 x 6A, 1 x 16A, 1 x 20A

All fitted with quality components your electrician will be happy to install and sign off:
SWITCHBOARD: 6-way can be mounted surface or flush, overall 245h x 195w x 90d or flush cutout 200x150x60d
MCB: PDL Schneider Domae (6-16 amp) or Gewiss (2 amp), all rated 6kA
RCBO: PDL Schneider 16 amp 30mA, Type A
RCCB: Legrand 63 amp 30mA, Type A
All boards have labels, neutral & earth busbars, pole fillers.

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