Can I plug my Caravan/RV/Camper/Tiny House into my house wall socket?

A normal household wall socket is only 10 amp so it will not run a 16 amp caravan connection without an adapter. 

Why is the plug on my caravan different to my household wall socket plugs?

For the same reason you can’t usually plug your electric stove into a standard wall socket, the power requirements are different so different plugs prevent them being interchanged

If I don’t want to go to the expense of installing a dedicated caravan socket in my house, is there another way to connect my caravan to my house?

Yes, by using an approved adapter. The adapter has a circuit breaker which limits the amount of power the caravan can use to 10 amps (2300 watts). It has a male plug to plug into your standard 10 amp wall outlet in your house and a female cord connector for your caravan lead to plug into

Can I use this adapter outdoors?

We stock both indoor and exterior rated adapters. Indoor adapters must only be used indoors. 

Can I buy a short adapter and use a multi-box or extension lead?

No, multiboxes and extension leads must never be used with caravan adapters.

Can I make an adapter up myself?

Caravan adapters are Declared High Risk Articles by Energy Safety ( - they must not only comply with AS/NZS standards the adapter must also have documentation referencing a test report from an accredited test lab. So not even an electrician should be making these up themselves and certainly not offered for sale. Only use adapters that have the correct documentation from reputable suppliers

Will a caravan adapter power my food caravan?

Possibly, if the inlet (male connector) on the exterior of your caravan is 16 amp (some are 32 amp). You would need to be sure that what you normally use at full capacity in the caravan does not exceed 10 amps (2300 watts), which for a food caravan may be a big ask unless the cooking is mostly done with another fuel eg. gas