Today controlling an electric hot water cylinder (HWC) to save power has never been easier. Switchboard timers have always been complicated to setup accurately and monitor, today we have smart switch modules you can setup on your phone which also have the ability to become part of a Smart Home.

Being able to control your HWC easily from an app on your phone means you can take full advantage of cheaper tariffs and special offers from your power company, check out companies like Electric Kiwi or Contact with their 3 free hours per day. Or just save money by heating the cylinder once a day instead of every time someone turns a hot tap on – that’s right, almost every time you run the hot tap the inrush of cold water can fool the thermostat into thinking your cylinder needs to be heated.

Our Bluetooth Hot Water Cylinder Control Kit makes setting up the timer, modifying or over-riding the timer as easy as making a phone call. Your electrician would usually install this to your cylinder wiring in under 30 minutes then you finish the setup on the simple to use app on your phone, allowing you to begin making savings straight away no matter what tariff you’re presently on.