Everywhere you look today – new smart light bulbs, cameras and smart switches to make your life easier and more comfortable...are they really worth the investment?

In my opinion often yes but with a caveat. At the bottom end of the market as always the pitfalls may outweigh any advantage. Value for money depends on what your desired outcome is – just a fancy light in the lounge or do you think in time you may want to link it to other devices? Bottom end devices cannot usually be linked into a smart “universe”.

If the answer is yes then my suggestion would be make the investment early and commit to whichever universe you decide on, much the same way you would with buying a smartphone – Apple or Android?

Also consider your motivation – safety and security or comfort and control?

Eurotech NZ stocks and recommends Wiser product from Schneider* (PDL here in NZ). Schneider is a global powerhouse in automation and control and has been for decades so they’re not going anywhere unlike the manufacturer of most hardware store smart bulbs. Choosing one reputable manufacturer for your smart home devices makes it easier to have your smart home evolve with your needs, especially if there are additions or alterations required along the way.

A manufacturer like Schneider also ensures your smart devices are secure across the cyber network because they use the latest technology.

My own home uses a combination of Wiser devices to control our hot water, spa pool and some lighting. Initially these were all stand alone devices but eventually I made the decision to purchase the Wiser Hub which both links the devices together and allows communication and operation from anywhere in the world. These are linked to smoke alarms which I may later link to various lights - the possibilities grow with each device added.

 *Eurotech NZ is not affiliated with Schneider and does not receive any reward for promoting their product. Any advice or recommendation is purely the author’s opinion.