Bluetooth Hot Water Cylinder Control Kit


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Bluetooth Hot Water Cylinder Control Kit, supplied ready to assemble and install by a registered electrician. Controlling a HWC has never been easier - switchboard timers are complicated to setup accurately and laborious to change frequently. Being able to control your HWC easily from an app on your phone means you can take full advantage of cheaper tarriffs and special offers from your power authority, ideal for power companies that offer a free hour of power like Electric Kiwi or Contact with their 3 free hours. Or just save money by heating the cylinder once a day instead of everytime someone turns a hot tap on. This kit makes setting up the timer, modifying or over-riding the timer almost as easy as making a phone call.

Kit comprises a PDL Iconic flush triple switch plate, 20 amp switch mechanism with LED power available indicator, 15 amp Bluetooth/Zigbee capable smart pushbutton time switch with inbuilt LED indicator, flexible cable entry. This allows the hot water cylinder to be controlled either by the pushbutton switch or time scheduling via Bluetooth by the Wiser App (by Schneider in the App Store). 

  • Maximum recommended hot water cylinder element 3kW. For higher loads use a contactor (eg GWD6703)
  • Timer can be set 1 second to 24 hours or disabled
  • Time clock can store up to 16 schedules: 1 minute intervals, daily and monthly
  • Module settings retained for over 8 hours if power goes off
  • Pushbutton can operate on/off or timer, could also be wired as a "boost" setup
  • Iconic Bluetooth module LED indicator is programmable
  • Must be installed by a registered electrician

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