Bosch Pyro Oven Door Seal
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 2006
I really enjoyed this book. It captures the essential challenge people face as they try make sense of their lives and grow to adulthood.

Bosch Pyro Oven Door Seal

Bosch oven door seal to suit the following pyrolytic ovens, 500 x 370, 10 clips fasten seal to oven body. User fitted, simply pull off and push new seal clips into place. Also fits some Neff and Siemens models:

BOSCH HBA63B255F, HBA63S451A, HBA63A460F, HBA63A450F, HBA63A150S, HBA63A252F, HBN630550F, HBN630560F, HBA63A220F, HBG73S550A
HBN760550F, HCE858451A,  HB76GU560A45, HB76GU560A35, B15P42N0AU04, HB76GU560A46, B15P42N0AU04, B15P42N0AU35, B15P42N0AU01, B16P42N3AU02, B15P42N0AU03, HB73AU54001, HB73AU54002, HB73AU54003, HB73AU54004, HB73AU54005, HB73AU54501, B16P42N3AU01, HB78AU570A03, HB73AU54502, HB73AU54503, HB73AU54504, HB76AU560A01, HB76AU560A02, HB76AU560A03, HB76AU560A04, HB76AU560A05, HB76AU560A35, HB78AU57001, HB78AU57002, HB78AU57003, HB78AU57004, HB73AU54402, HCE858451A02, HB78AU570A02, HB78AU570A04, HB78AU570E01, HB78AU570E02, HB78AU570E03, HB78AU570E04, HB78AU570S01, HB78AU570S02, HB78AU570S03, HB78AU570S04, HB78AU590E01, HB78AU590E02, HB78AU590E03, HBA73B550A03, HBA73B550A01, HBA73B550A04, HBA73B550A05, HBA73B550A35, HBA63S451A35, HBA63B450A01, HBA63B450A02, HBA63B450A03, HBA63B450A04, HBA63B450A35, HBA63B250A61, HBA63B250A45, HBA63S451A45, HBG73S550A35, HBG73S550A45, HBG76S650A45, HCE858451A01, HBG76S650A46, HB78AU570A01, HCE858451A03, HCE854451A01, HCE854451A02, HBN731551A01, HBA73B550A02, B15P42N0AU02, B15P42N3AU01, HB73AU54401, B15P42N3AU01, HCE854451A03
SIEMENS HB75GB560F,  HB65RR560F, HB760650F, HB76G1560F, HB650220F, HB65AA560F, HB754550F, HB65AA660F, HB75GR560F, HB760550F
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