Lead Goldair Camping 15m Tested & Tagged


Sale price$125.00


Goldair 15 metre camping lead designed to safely plug into the standard camping ground power supply (3 round pin 16 amp), tested and tagged and ready to connect to any NZ camping ground or caravan park*
Rated IP44 for weather resistance.
Male plug connects to caravan style outlets in camping grounds, female end has standard household 3 pin 10 amp socket to allow plugging in all the essentials of camping - phones, TVs, foot spa :)
Total connected load (what you have plugged in) cannot exceed 10 amps or 2400 watts. Protected with inline RCD safety cutout.

* Although strictly speaking a Test & Tag is unnecessary (the lead is brand new) most camping grounds require your lead to be tagged to prove that your lead is safe to connect to their system.

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