Caravan Lead Adaptor 10A

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Caravan Lead Adaptor 10A


Vynco adaptor lead to plug your caravan, camper or motorhome into any standard 3-pin 10 amp household power outlet. Suitable for any load that uses the same CEE caravan style male plug.

* Vynco manufactured product
* Standard 3-pin 10A male plug
* 3 pin female 16A 3 round pin CEE(caravan style) socket
* 10 amp circuit breaker, optional RCD safety circuit breaker
* Rated 10 amps (2400 watts) maximum load
* 1.2m long
* Indoor use only

Simply plug your existing caravan, motorhome, housetruck or electric vehicle lead into this adaptor and plug the adaptor into a standard household power point. The adaptor limits power drawn by the caravan to 10 amps (2300 watts) by the inline circuit breaker. Indoor use only. Rated 10 amps 230 volts AC. This is a quality manufactured product complying with all relevan t standards, not a homemade product.

Use the dropdown box to select between the versions of this lead: the RCD version features a 10 amp RCD (RCBO) safety circuit breaker in place of the standard circuit breaker.