Classique Blanco Baumatic Fan Element 2.3kW
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 2006
I really enjoyed this book. It captures the essential challenge people face as they try make sense of their lives and grow to adulthood.

Classique Blanco Baumatic Fan Element 2.3kW

Oven fan element, 2300 watt, 3 screw fixing. Suits Classique, Blanco and Baumatic wall ovens:

CLASSIQUE CL929SS, CL900SS, CL188SS, CL220SS, CL150SS, CL150W, CL180.1W, CL180SS, CL180.1SS, CL906SS

BAUMATIC BK900PSS, BK650PSS, BOR610BL, BOR600RD, BK629PSS, BKDO69MS, BOR600PG, BOR610IV, BOR610PP, BOR600W, BKO69PMS, BK6P9PMS, BK160SS, BK160.1SS, BK160W,BK160SS.2, BK160.1W, BK160W.2BK960PSS, BK624PSS


ILVE  964PCMP P906MP PD90BMP 864PCM/1 P90MP-1 600TM D900TMP P90NMP/M, 948SX,  P90WMP/1, 600TLMP, P90CCMP, P90FWMP

BLANCO fan element BDO770X 3581907-36/1 BDO522W BOSE162X BOSE164 BSO660X BSO650X BDO501 BMS601 bso402,10252 CIM31-01 A-458-34 10252 T433122 ROS1976 945540 5062R392 03450 3130412 1197784 FE-13 FE13 10252 B59VTIP P/N: 945540 BMD701W BMD701X RF0807 RSO813 BSO660 BOSE160X BOST162 BSO401/601 BSO402W BSO422 BOST162X BSO613 BSO640 BSO642 BSO665

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