Load Limiting Relay 5-20 Amp


Sale price$327.75


Need to automatically turn appliances on or off to limit the electrical load in your caravan or RV? This switchboard mounted device can be wired to sense the total load in the wiring and turn appliances off when the load reaches a preset level.

  • R-IPXH Current Relay, can be set to 5,10, 15 or 20 Amp (recommend setting to 15 amp for standard 16 amp caravan supplies)
  • Supply 230V AC
  • DIN Rail mounted 25mm width (picture shows two modules mounted side by side)
  • When the preset load is reached the relay changeover contacts can be wired to turn off appliances (water heater for example)
  • When the load current drops the relay reactivates the disconnected appliances
  • Relay contacts rated at 10 amps (non-inductive loads), 2 amps inductive (motors etc)
  • EMC Compliance AS/NZS 61000.6.3:2012

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