Dimmer Timer Mech LED 300W


Sale price$62.31


  • 300 watt maximum load
  • Offers Simple app configuration and control from smart devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the Wiser Room app.
  • 1s - 24hour compatible
  • Superior LED Dimming performance with new 3 wire technology
  • True smooth linear LED dimming experience from 0- 100%
  • Multiway dimming using ControlLink over standard wiring
  • Minimum and Maximum brightness adjustment (using the App)
  • App configurable LED indicator settings
  • App configurable 1s - 24hr Time delay
  • 24/7 scheduling functions with selectable dimming levels.
  • Real time clock - no need to adjust for daylight savings changes
  • Sunset/sunrise abilty with astronomical clock tracking
  • Copy/paste favourite settings.
  • Pair with LEDs for the most optimal dimming experience.
  • Wiser Compatible for future Wiser smart homes
  • Supplied with Vivid White (VW) push button assembly, additional colour options available as parts packs

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