Element Electrolux Fan 2500 Watt

SKU: FE126

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Westinghouse oven fan element, 2500W, also fitted to some AEG models, to suit the following models:

AEG: D4101-4-ME, D4101-5-ME
AEG Electrolux: D1100-4-M, D1100-4-W, D1100-5-M, D1100-5-W, D2100-4-B, D2100-4-D, D2100-4-M, D2100-4-W, D2100-5-B, D2100-5-M, D2100-5-W, D4101-4-A, D4101-4-B, D4101-4-M, D4101-4-W, D4101-5-B, D4101-5-M, D5701-4-A, D5701-4-M, D5701-5-M, D8800-4-A, D8800-4-M, D8800-5-A, D8800-5-M, U3100-5-M, U3100-5-W
Electrolux: EDOMSS, EDOMWH, EOD31000W, EOD31000X, EOD33002B, EOD33002K, EOD33002W, EOD33002X, EOD43102K, EOD43102W, EOD43102X, EOD5310B, EOD5310W, EOD5310X, EOD5330B, EOD5330K, EOD5330W, EOD5330X, EOD5331K, EOD5331X, EOD63142K, EOD63142X, EOD6330B, EOD6330K, EOD6330W, EOD6330X, EOD6335K, EOD6335X, EOD6335XK, EOD6390X, EOD67642X, EOU41000W, EOU41000X, EOU5330W, EOU5330X, EOU6330B, EOU6330K, EOU6330W, EOU6330X, EOU6330XK, EOU6335X
Firenzi: FDO900SS, FDU700SS
Zanussi: ZCE7551X, ZCE7690X, ZDF290B, ZDF290W, ZDF290X, ZDF290XC, ZDQ595N, ZDQ595W, ZDQ595X, ZDQ995X, ZOD685X, ZOD890X, ZOU575N, ZOU575X:
Zanussi-Electrolux: ZCE7550BK, ZCE7550W, ZCE7610SV, ZCE7610W, ZCE7680BK, ZCE7680W


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