Element F&P Grill 200/1000 Watt OB60

SKU: TE114

Sale price$80.13


F&P grill element, 2000/1000 watt, fixed, to suit the following models:

82280-A OB60SD10PX1 FP AA 82277-A OB60SD11PX1 FP AA 82278-A OB60SD9PX1 FP AA 82279-A OB60SD9X1 FP AA 82282-A OB60SDPTDX1 FP AA 82281-A OB60SDPTX1 FP AA 82144-A OB60SD11PB1 FP AA 82145-A OB60SD9PB1 FP AA 81912-A OB60SDPTB1 FP AA 81770-A OB60SDPTDX1 FP AA 81769-A OB60SDPTX1 FP AA 81747-C OB60SC5CEPX2 FP AA 81744-C OB60SC6CEPX2 FP AA 81741-C OB60SC7CEPX2 FP AA 81739-C OB60SC8DEPX2 FP AA 81750-B OB60SD10PX1 FP AA 81751-B OB60SD11PB1 FP AA 81572-B OB60SD11PX1 FP AA 81796-B OB60SD9PB1 FP AA 81737-B OB60SD9PX1 FP AA 81738-B OB60SD9X1 FP AA 81747-A OB60SC5CEPX2 FP AA 81747-B OB60SC5CEPX2 FP AA 81744-A OB60SC6CEPX2 FP AA 81744-B OB60SC6CEPX2 FP AA 81741-A OB60SC7CEPX2 FP AA 81741-B OB60SC7CEPX2 FP AA 81738-A OB60SD9X1 FP AA 81504-B OB60SC11DEPX1 FP AA 81739-B OB60SC8DEPX2 FP AA 81483-B OB60SC9DEPX1 FP AA 81490-B OB60SC7CEPX1 FP AA 81751-A OB60SD11PB1 FP AA 81796-A OB60SD9PB1 FP AA 81739-A OB60SC8DEPX2 FP AA 81750-A OB60SD10PX1 FP AA 81737-A OB60SD9PX1 FP AA 81572-A WALLOVEN OB60SD11PX1 FP AA 81504-A OB60SC11DEPX1 FP AA 81490-A OB60SC7CEPX1 FP AA 81483-A OB60SC9DEPX1 FP AA 81113-C OB60SC11DEPX1 FP AA 80975-C OB60SC7CEPX1 FP AA 80946-C OB60SC9DEPX1 FP AA 81113-B OB60SC11DEPX1 FP AA 80975-B OB60SC7CEPX1 FP AA 80946-B OB60SC9DEPX1 FP AA 80975-A WALLOVEN OB60SC7CEPX1 FP AA 80946-A WALLOVEN OB60SC9DEPX1 FP AA 81916-A OB60SDPTDB1 FP AA


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