Element Ilve Bake Assist 900 Watt

SKU: TE122

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Ilve top bake element used in ovens with separate top bake & grill elements, 900 watt. Used in 60cm and 70cm oven models:

200TMP, 200TLMP, 200LMP, 200NMP, 200KLMP, 201LMP, 201WMP, 201NMP, 600MMP, 600MTMP, 600NMP, 600NCMP, 600SPY, 600SSXMP, 600SXP, 600STC, 600SV, 600WMP, 600SLMP, 600CMP, 645LMP, D600WMP, D600NMP, D900LMP, D900WMP, JC60MP, MD1006MP, MTD1006MP, PF60, PW60, PL60, PN60, PF60MP, PW60MP, PL60MP, PFE60MPM, PWE60MP, PLE60MP, PNE60MP, PWI60MP, PLI60MP, PFI60MP, PNI60MP, PL70MP, PW70MP, PF70MP, PN70MP
M150FMP, MT150FMP (Small Oven), MD1006MP, MTD1006MP, MTDI100MP, MCDI100MP, PDF100, PDL100, PDN100, PDW100, PDNI90MP, PDLI90MP, PDFI90MP, PDWI90MP, TD906WMP, TD906LMP (Main Oven), 600SFMP, 600TLMP, 600NMP, PDE90MP11

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