Element Indesit Bake 1300W

SKU: BE101

Sale price$89.40


Indesit bake element, 1300 watt, 510w x 400, to suit the following models:

Ariston: CP059MD, MM26, XF905
Indesit: CP859, CP059, CP059MD, MM26ix, MM26AUS, MB91ix, KP59MS(X)/G KP9508CXG KP9C11S(K)/G KP9F11S(R)/G KP59MS.CX/G KP9508E(X)/G KP9C11S(X)/G KP9F11S(W)/G KP9507EB(X)G KP9508EX/GT KP9F11S(K)/G KP9F11S(X)/G KP9507XE/G

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