Element Simpson Bake Assist 1255 Watt

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Simpson top bake assist element, 1255 watt. This is the outside element on the ceiling of the oven - the inner element is the grill element (TE108).

EW050, EW100, EW250, EW300, 1U601W, 1U608W, 1U607W, 1U606W, 1U605W, 1U604W, 1U603W, 1U602W, 1U601W, 2U601W, 3U601W, 2U502W, 2U600W, 2U603W, 2U604W, 2U605W, 2U606W, 2U607W, 2U608W, 2U609W, 3W600S, 3W601, 3W602, 3W603, 3W701,3U600W, 3U601W, 3U602W, 3U607W, 3U609W, 2U600, 2U601, 2U603, 2U603, 2U604, 2U605, 2U606, 2U607, 2U608, 2U609, EW100, EW250, EW300, EW050WC, EW100WC, EW250WC, EW050KC, EW050SC, EW100SC, EW250KC, EW300SC, 8HMW

3U600W Mercury, 3U601W Colombo, 3U601HW Colombo, 3U602W Neptune, 3U603W Saturn, 3U604W Gemini, 3U605W Polaris, 3U606W Apollo, 3U607W Cosmos, 3U608W Alpha, 3U609W Jupiter, 3W600S, 3W600W La Casa 3W601BK, 3W601S, 3W601W La Scala 3W602S, 3W602W La Bella 3W603S, 3W603W Roma 3W701S, 3W701W La Stella ,

Also visually known as Tempest, Mercury, Colombo, Neptune, Saturn, Gemini, Polaris, Apollo, Alpha, Cosmos, Jupiter, La Scala, Roma, La Bella, La Stella

Does not fit 9PGCST, 9PGET Some models don't have the bake assist element. Please visually check. 

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