Fan Motor Bosch Oven HCB HSB


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Oven fan motor assembly to suit some Bosch and Neff fan forced ovens - this is the motor on the back wall of the oven which is used to circulate the hot air from the fan element. This motor twists into its mounting plate. This motor is the Fime brand used by Bosch but is not a genuine Bosch packaged part - please contact us for pricing  if the genuine Bosch part is preferred. To suit these models and more:
BOSCH: HCB738357M, HSB738356A, HGL21F350, HSB734355Z, HBX33R51, HSB738256M, HSB737355Z, HSB737357Z, HGN21F350I, HSB738155N, HSB736257E, HSB735255N, HSB738257I, HSB734357Z, HSB738257M, HVA331BS0, HSB736256E, HGN22F350, HSB738356M, HCB738257I , VBD554FS0, HGN22H350, HSB738357M, HCB738356M, HVA331BS0I, HSB738156A, HVA531NS0, HSB738357A, HSB738155Z, HVA541NS0, HBX33R52
NEFF: B94M43N3, B9481N3
SIEMENS: VB554DFR0, HQ738256M, HB933R52, HQ738356M, HV331ABS0, HV541ANS0, HQ738155E, HQ738257E , HY738357M, HQ738256E, HY738356M, HQ737355Z, HQ737357Z, HQ738357M, HB933R500, HB933R51, HV531ANS0

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