Fan Motor Classique Beko Euromaid

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Fan motor assembly (mounted in the rear of the oven, behind the fan cover for circulating the heat from the circular fan element) for the following oven models:

BEKO: OIM22500IX, CDF63110DA, CDF63110DB, CDF63110DW, CDF63110DW, CDF63111DA, CDF63111DB, CSE57100GA, CSE57100GS, CSE57100GW, CSE57102GW, CSE57302GA, CSE57302GS, CSE57302GW, CSE57W, CSE62X, CSE63110DW, CSE63110DX, CSE63111DX, CSE63520GW, CSE63521GWP, CSE63X, CSE67100GW, CSE67101GW, CSE67300GW, CSE67300GX, CSE67301GW, CSE67301GX, CSE67500GA, CSE67500GW, CSE69300GA, CSE69300GW, CSE69301GA, CSE69301GW, EFMP143i, CM23500X, OIE111X, OIE21300B, OIE21300W, OIE22101X, OIE22300X, OIE22303X, OIE22500AP, OIE22500XP, OIE22501AP, OIE22501XP, OIE225X, OIE23300X, OIE23301X, OIE23302X, OIE23303X, OIE24500BP, OIE24500MP, OIE24500WP, OIE24501BP, OIE24501WP, OIE24502BP, OIE24502WP, OIE24600BP, OIE24600MP, OIE24601MP, OIE25500XP, OIE26500XP, OIE26501XP, OIE26503XP, OIE26504XP, OIE26505XP, OIE26506XP, OIE265X, OIE26600XP, OIE27200A, OIE27200AV, OIE27200AV, OIE27201A, OIM22300X, OIM24500B, OIM24500BP, OIM24500W, OIM24500WP, OIM26500X, OIM26500XP, OIM26600X, OIM26600XP, OIM26601X, OIM2N100X, OIM2N300 X, OUE2N000X, OUM2N100X, OUM2N300X


EUROMAID: EW50, BS6, CDDB60, DS1, MS8, BS8, CDDS60, ES60, MW8, BT44, CDDW60, EW60, PS12, BW8, BS6, BW6, BS7, BW7, BS8, BW8

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