Filter F&P Refrigerator Water #848

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F&P refrigerator water filter. Part codes: 862285 836848 836860 WF296 SGF-FP48 67003662 RO185011

Recommended to be replaced every 6 months.

Factory Approvals: Water Quality Association Gold Seal Certificate - NSF/ANSI 372 certified, NSF/ANSI 42 certified, extensive testing to ensure the best filters. BPA Free, ISO9001 Audited Factory.

External fridge water filter. Operating temperature: 1-38 ° C. Pressure: 30-100psi / 207-827kPa. Range: 0.75gpm = 2.8lpm. Duration: 6 months, 1135 litres or more depending on quality of water

This water filter fits a twist on/off quick change head EXTERNAL to refrigerators and is also used in some under-sink systems.

RF610A, RF610, E402B, E442B, E522B

E442BRMFDU (2226-A, 2226-B, 22255-A), E442BRXFDU (22211-A, 22279-A), E442BRXFDU5 (25349-A, 25349-B, 25548-A)
E522BLXFDU (22209-A, 22284-A), E522BRMFDU (22208-A, 22208-B), E522BRXFDU (22210-A, 22283-A)
E402BRXFDU5 (25356-A, 25356-B, 25529-A)

RF522ADUB5 (25598-A), RF522ADUSX5 (25350-A, 25350-B), RF522ADUX5 (25441-A), RF522WDLUX5 (25352-A, 25352-B, 25464-A), RF522WDRUB5 (25402-A, 25402-B), RF522WDRUX5 (25351-A, 25351-B, 25476-A)
RF610ADUB5 (25599-A), RF610ADUSX5 (25353-A, 25353-B), RF610ADUX5 (25493-A), RF610ADUM1 (22218-A, 22218-B, 22218-C, 22218-D, 22263-A), RF610ADUX1 (22217-A, 22217-B, 22298-A)

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