Hinge Ilve Oven Door #41


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Ilve oven door hinge, marked "86" & "3".
Suit ILVE 900mm Double Glass Ovens Manufactured Between 1997-2004
Suit ILVE 600mm Ovens with Triple Glass Door Manufactured after 2004.
IL002 864 TCMA P80WMP/1 600SXMP/R/1 S/NO. P90BMP/1 D9000TLMP 964PCMP 864PCMP 864PCM 964PCM P90FWMP P90FNM, SERIAL 02091097, PD100SNMPX, SERIAL 0110934, P90VMP/1
Note: Both hinges should be replaced at the same time - if not, the new hinge will quickly wear the older hinge due to the inbalance in tension. No warranty under these conditions

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