Hub PDL Wiser Room
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Hub PDL Wiser Room

Schneider Hub for PDL Wiser Room devices. Simple Wifi, Zigbee & Bluetooth control of Schneider Bluetooth or Zigbee switches and apparatus via iPhone or Android phone app from nearby or anywhere that has the internet. View the manuals here: Wiser Hub Manual  Wiser System User Guide

Use this hub to configure and control any of these Schneider devices from any location: Iconic Connected Module (Switches & Timer Switches), Iconic Connected Socket, Window/Door Sensor, Motion Sensor, Water Leak Sensor or Temperature/Humidity Sensor. Iconic Modules that are not in the "Connected" Series are bluetooth connectivity only.

Control multiple devices with one tap or by using an AI-enabled speaker with voice commands. Trigger devices automatically depending on conditions such as the weather, status or time.


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