Indesit Oven Door Seal 60cm
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 2006
I really enjoyed this book. It captures the essential challenge people face as they try make sense of their lives and grow to adulthood.

Indesit Oven Door Seal 60cm

Genuine Indesit 60cm,  approximately 440 x 300, 4 sided (seal runs along top of oven body, down each side and along the bottom), 4 fastening clips. To suit the following Indesit & Ariston models. Use Ctrl-F to find your model or type your model into the search bar:

BIG51KAIXGB, BIG53KAIXGB, BIG53KAIXGBS, BIG73KC.AIXG, BIG73KCAIXS, BIMS31KABIX, BIMS31KABIXS, BIMS53K.ABIX, BIMS53KABIXS, BIMS53KAIXGB, BS43B, BS43B/1, BS43K, BS43K/1, BS43W, BS43W/1, BS53X, BS53X/1, BS63, BS63B, BS63EB, BS63EK, BS63ES, BS63ET, BS63EW, BS63K, BS63N, BS63S, BS63W, BS73, BS73EX, BS73X, BS89EK, BS89EX, C60N1(W), C60P1(W), C612S, C61N1, C61P1(W), C61S, C61SM2(W), C61ST6(W), C64G(W), C64SG1, C64SG3, C64SM2(W), C64SN(W), C64SN1(W), C64SP4(W), C64ST(W), C65G1(W), C65P6XF, C65SP1, C65SP2X, C65SP4, C65SP6(W), C66SP6, C67SP2X, C67SP6X, C6VM3, C6VP1(W), C6VP1(X)SK, C6VP4, C6VP6, CE60N1, CE60P1, CE6VM3, CE6VP4, CE6VP5, CE6VP6, CG64G, CG64G1, CG64SG1, CG64SG1, CG64SG3, CIM53KCAIXGB, CIMS51KAIXGB, CISFBG, CISFD, CISFRG, CP649MD, CX61P6, CX61SP6, CX64SM2, CX64ST, CX64ST6, CX65E9, CX65SEA, CX65SP1, CX65SM2XAUS, CX65SP1(X), CX65SP2, CX65SP4, CX66SP6, DIM51K.AIXGB, DIMS53KCAIX, EG600X, FB11, FB11(BR)GB, FB11(WH)GB, FB21IX, FB36, FB36(BK)GB, FB36(BR)GB, FB36(IX)GB, FB36(WH)GB, FB51, FB51(ALU)GB, FB51(IX)GB, FB51IX, FB52IX,  FBG, FC52, FC52(IX), FC88, FC88C(IX), FE10KC, FE10KC(BK), FE10KC(WH), FG10K, FG10KBK.1, FG10KWH.1, FGI, FI21K, FI21K.BBK, FI21K.BIX, FI21K.BWHGB, FI31K, FI31K.B(BK), FI31K.B(WH), FI31K.BIX, FI51KBIX,  FI53KAIXBKUK, FIE36K, FIE36K.B(BK), FIE36K.B(WH), FIE36K.BIX, FIE36KBBK, FIE36KBIX, FIE36KBWH, FIE56K, FIE56K.B(BK), FIE56K.B(WH), FIE56K.BIX, FIE56KBBK, FIE56KBIX, FIE56KBWH, FIE73KAIX, FIE76KC.AIXG, FIE76KCAX, FIM21K.BBK, FIM21K.BBK-T, FIM21K.BIX, FIM21K.BWH, FIM21K.BWHT, FIM21KB(BK)G, FIM21KBIX(T), FIM21KBIX, FIM31K.ABK, FIM31K.ABK-T, FIM31K.AIXGB, FIM31K.AIX-T, FIM31K.AWH, FIM31K.AWH-T, FIM31KAWH, FIM33K.ABK, FIM33K.ABKT, FIM33K.AIXGB, FIM33K.AIX-T, FIM33K.AWHGB, FIM33K.AWHT, FIM51K.A(BK), FIM51K.ABKS, FIM53K.ABKGB, FIM53K.ABKS, FIM53K.ABKT, FIM53K.AIXGB, FIM53K.AIX-T, FIM53K.AWHGB, FIM53K.AWHS, FIM53K.AWHT, FIM73KC.AIX, FIM73KC.AIXT, FIM73KCAIXGB, FIMS20K.AAX, FM10IX, FM20KC, FM20KC(IX)GB, FO55C, FO55C(IX), FO87C, FO87C(ALU), FO87C(AN), FO87C(IX), FR34S, FR34S(AN)GB, FR34S(WH)GB, FT85, FT85(AN), FT85(AV), FT85(OW), FV101KB, FV10KB(IX)GB, FV20KB, FV20KB(WH)GB, HOTPOINT, IF51K.AIXUK, IF51KAIXS, IF63K.AANUK, IF63K.AIX UK, IF63KAIXUKS, IF89K.AIX UK, IF89K.AIXS, IF89K.AWHUK, IFG51K.ABKGB, IFG63K.AWHS, IFG63KABKGB, IS60C1W, IS60C1WS, IS60C1X, IS60C1XXS, IS60D1X, IS60D1XXS, IS60EW, IS60EWS, IS60G1W, K6C10(W)-R, K6C11(W)-R, K6C32, K6C32(W)/G, K6C32(W)-G, K6C32(X)/G, K6C32(X)-G, K6C320, K6C320(W)/G, K6C320(W)-G, K6C320(X)/G, K6C320(X)-G, K6C51(W)-F, K6C51(W)-GR, K6C51(W)-R, K6C56(X)-GR, K6C7(W)-SK, K6C7(X)-SK, K6E1(W)-SK, K6E11(W)-F, K6E11(W)-GR, K6E11(W)-R, K6E32, K6E32(W)/G, K6E32(W)-G, K6E32(X)/G, K6E32(X)-G, K6E51(W)-FR, K6E52(W)-EX, K6E52(W)-GR, K6E55(W)-GR, K6G1(W)-T, K6G11S(W)-I, K6G11S(W)-NL, K6G2(W)-F, K6G20(W)-R, K6G20S(W)-I, K6G21, K6G21(B)-R, K6G21(W)/G, K6G21(W)-CF, K6G21(W)-EX, K6G21(W)-G, K6G21(W)-R, K6G21(X)/G, K6G21(X)-G, K6G21(X)-P, K6G210(W)/G, K6G210(W)-G, K6G210(X)/G, K6G210(X)-G, K6G210S(W)/G, K6G210S(X)/G, K6G21S(W)-I, K6G21S(W)-R, K6G21S(WX)-P, K6G21S(X)-I, K6G21S(X)-P, K6G21S(X)-R, K6G25S(W)-U, K6G32, K6G32(W)/G, K6G32(W)-G, K6G32(X)/G, K6G32(X)-G, K6G4(W)-T, K6G52, K6G52(W)/G, K6G52(W)-G, K6G52(W)-U, K6G52(X)/G, K6G52(X)-G, K6G520, K6G520(W)/G, K6G520(W)-G, K6G520(X)/G, K6G520(X)-G, K6G520S(X)/G, K6G52S(X)-R, K6G56S(X)-U, K6G72(W)-EX, K6G76S(A)-U, K6G7S(W)-DK, K6M1(W)-F, K6M11(W)-EX, K6M4S(W)-T, K6M5(W)-F, K6M52(W)-F, K6M56(W)-FR, K6M5S(W)-T, K6T21(X)-EX, K6T21S(X)-EX, K6T52S(W)-I, K6T52S(X)-I, K6T72S(W)-I, K6T72S(W)-NL, K6T72S(X)-I, K6T72S(X)-NL, KJ6G2(W)-R, S036, S036EB, S036EK, S036EW, S036EX, S077E, S077EEK, S077EEW, S077EEX, S077EK, S077EW, S077EX, SC36, SC36EB, SC36EK, SC36EW, SC36EX, SC52VX, SC52X, SC77, SC77EK, SC77EW, SC77EX, SC87, SC87EX, SC88X, SD52, SD52I, SD52K, SD97, SD97EI, SD97EK, SD97EW, SD97I, SD97K, SD97W, SE662K/1, ST52X, ST55X, ST87EX, ST87X, SY10X, SY10X/1, SY11B, SY11W, SY36B, SY36B/1, SY36K, SY36K/1, SY36W, SY36W/1, SY36X, SY36X/1, SY37W, SY37W/1, SY37X, SY37X/1, SY51X, SY56X, SY56X/1, XF695.2


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