Meter Eastron 100 Amp Solar Import/Export


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Eastron SDM220-MID-MT Power (kWh) Usage Meter 230 volts AC single phase, 100 Amp, DIN rail mount. Sophisticated & accurate to IEC62053-21. Ideal for solar import/export readings - bi-directional metering. Can read up to 4 tariffs in one 24 hour period. RS485 Modbus communication via infrared. Two pulse outputs. Also reads Power factor, Hertz, Demand, kVarh.

As our electricity usage gets more and more complex: electric cars, solar import/export, LED bulbs, so does the technology to measure it get more sophisticated. Meters are still a little behind but this meter is a great value point for today's electrical loads. This device is simply the best value meter of its kind for a range of uses: Check your tenant's usage or check and verify your power authority's metering. Monitor your EV's power usage to determine when and how much to charge.

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