Mode 2 Charging Socket Kit


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A kit to install a Mode 2 EV Charging socket in your garage or carport etc. The AS/NZS3000:2018 Electrical Standard tightens the rules regarding EV charging sockets and this kit has been designed to comply with these changes:

• EV charging socket outlets must be installed adjacent to a carparking area
• The EV charging socket outlet circuit must be dedicated with a minimum rating of 20 amps
• The EV charging circuit must be protected by a Type B RCD
• The socket outlet must be installed at a minimum height of 800mm

The kit comprises:

• Schneider 40 amp Type B RCBO (RCD safety circuit breaker)
• Schneider 20 amp circuit breaker
• Manlakis enclosure with heavy duty switch
• Schneider PDL 16 amp 3 round pin outlet (accepts caravan type plugs), 15 amp 3 flat pin socket can also be supplied

We can also supply the cable required if you let us know the length and rating you need (20 or 32 amp) - it is recommended to wire the socket from your switchboard with cable rated at 32 amps to future-proof the installation but 20 amp is the minimum legally required.

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