Mode 2 EV Charging Kit


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Mode 2 EV Charging Kit. Mode 2 charging provides a safe, dedicated wall socket for the EV's in-cord charger (IC-CPD) to plug into. This kit is designed for a maximum current rating of 16 amps but custom kits can be assembled for up to 32 amps if required. Kit comprises:

  • Gewiss Type B RCD (RCCB type), 30 mA, 25 amp, 230 volts AC
  • Schneider 16 amp circuit breaker (MCB)
  • 20 metres of 2.5mm Twin & Earth TPS Cable
  • Industrial switch socket outlet rated 16 amps - 56CV316CEE (other types of socket can be supplied)

Mode 3 charging - see our ABB Terra EV Charger

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