RCD ABB 40 Amp 2 Pole 30mA

SKU: FH20240A

Sale price$75.00


ABB 40 amp RCCB residual current device (RCD). A cost effective solution for protecting a number of power and lighting circuits from earth faults. A maximum of three circuits can be wired to each RCD.

  • Rated current 40 amps
  • Rated and marked 230 volts AC for the New Zealand market*
  • Double pole
  • Mounting: DIN rail
  • Short circuit capacity 6kA
  • Rated operating current 30mA
  • Type A
  • Country of Manufacture: Italy

* Energy Safety requires all RCDs sold in NZ must be marked 230 volts AC (or a range which includes 230 volts), this is because RCDs are voltage dependent in order to function correctly. Devices marked 240 volts for instance are deemed unsafe.

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