Seal Ilve Oven Door 60-70cm

SKU: DS138

Sale price$62.30


Ilve oven door seal for the left side larger 60cm or 70cm oven on double oven freestanding ranges. 3 sided seal. Suits the following models. Use Ctrl-F to find your model or type your model into the search bar:

200TLMP, 200LMP, 200NMP, 600TMP, 600LMP, 600NMP, 600TLMP, 600SMP, 600SFMP, 600SLMP, 600SXMP, 600RM, 600RMP, D900TGA(main oven), D900NGA (main oven), D900TLMP(main oven), D900NMP (main oven), 6640CMP-CMPV, 6640CNMP-CNMPV, P60G, P60NG, P60MP, P60NMP, PD90BMP(main oven), PD90BNMP (main oven) PD90MP, PD90NMP, PDE90MP(main oven),PDE90NMP (main oven), PE60MP, PE60NMP, P70MP, P70LMP, P70NMP, PD906MP(main oven), PD906LMP (main oven), PD906NMP(main oven), 964CCMP/1

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