Seal Indesit Oven Door 60cm FK FKQ FKS

SKU: DS184

Sale price$112.17


Genuine Indesit oven door seal,  approximately 440 x 330, 4 sided (seal runs along top of oven body, down each side and along the bottom), 4 fastening clips. To suit the following Indesit & Ariston models:
FK1032, FK1037, FK1039, FK103, FK1041, FK536, FK537, FK611, FK617, FK617XAUS, FK617XAUSS, FK619, FK61, FK62, FK63, FK637, FK736, FK737, FK737CXAUS, FK737CXAUSS, FK831, FK832, FK837, FK83, FK897, FK89, FK832, FK939, FK992, FK996, FK99, FKQ61, FKQ637, FKQ63, FKQ73, FKQ831, FKQ898, FKQ89, FKQ99, FKS89

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