Seal Parmco Omega Oven Door

SKU: DS149

Sale price$80.48


Oven door seal to fit a variety of ovens from several manufacturers. Approximately 430x350 with 4 clips.

Baumatic: BK2360SS CL66C4W CL66G4W BK2360SS BK2380SS
Classique: CL67C4SS CL67G4SS CL66G4SS
Parmco: FS6S PPFS-6S-CER
Omega: OO651XA,OO652XA, OA64, OA3205X, OO652XR OO651WA OO651WN OO651XB OO651XN OO652WA OO652XB OO652XN OO671XA OO67CXA OO651WA OO651XB OO671XA OO651XB OO651XN OO652XB OO652XR OO671XAOO671XN OO673XA
Nouveau: EF60SS, EFS60MSS, EFS60C4ESS EM60SS , EP60SS, GFS60MSS, NP60, NP60-21X, RET600S
Linea: LUC600.2SS, Lofra: LEF6GGSS, LEF6EGP, LEF7GG3SS , WK700, WKE700SSFM
Euromaid: GFS60MSS
Linea: LUC600.2SS
Euro: Seal Gasket EF60SS, EFS60MSS, EFS60C4ESS EM60SS , EP60SS, GFS60MSS, RET600S,
Lofra: Seal Gasket LEF6GGSS, LEF6EGP, LEF7GG3SS , WK700, WKE700SSFM, WKE600


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