Seal Shacklock 535 & Early Models

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Oven door seal, 1850mm of silicon rubber for ovens which use stainless steel retainers (3 or 4 metal strips approx 8mm wide) - the seal slides over the retainers and then clips onto the body of the appliance. Fits all 21", 535 Series and early 24" ranges from F&P Champion & Atlas:

SHACKLOCK: Chef 21, Chef 24, Chef 535, Custom 27 Wall Oven

F&P: 543AW, 544MAW, 545EW, M5357AWR, 5357AWR, M5357AWRM, M5357EWR, 544MAW, 545EW, 5357SR, 5357WAR, 541N, 542WA, RA535MAW, RA535MEW, RA535AW, RA535EW, RA535N

ATLAS: Thermowave wall oven, 800 series, 900 series

CHAMPION: All freestanding ranges (non F&P) and most wall ovens - if the appliance uses stainless steel retainers (strips) to hold the seal then this seal will fit

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