Seal Smeg Cooktop Foam Spillover

SKU: DS187

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Foam seal for cooktops, fitted to the underside outside edge of the cooktop. Genuine Smeg but can be used for any make of cooktop that has a flat surface to adhere to. This seal prevents spillovers from dripping below the cooktop surface under the cooktop and can be used for ceramic, induction or gas hobs. Length: 2.6 metres. Supplied OEM with these models:

SE2732ID1, SFA4395VCX, SE2640TD2, SI3733B, SFA4140VCN, SE2664TC2, SFA4140VCB, 
SFA4140VC, SE2665TC1, SE2772TC2, SI3842B, SI3321B, SE2842ID3, SE2644ID1, SE2772TC1,  
P755AN1, SE661X1, SI5322B, P755AN, SI933D, SE2641TD2, SI5643B, SA711XA1, SE364ETBM SE364TD, SE364ETD, SI4642D 

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