Selector F&P Delonghi 8+0
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 2006
I really enjoyed this book. It captures the essential challenge people face as they try make sense of their lives and grow to adulthood.

Selector F&P Delonghi 8+0

Selector F&P 8+0 (9 position including off) oven function switch. Delonghi part number 050028, 050028.1. To suit:

906GWF, D906GII, A106G, A1346G, A726G, CX100, D90G, D916GWF, de906gwf, D926GWF, DMFPSI, DMFPS, DMFPW, DMFPSII, DMFPS60, DS61E, D61C, D61EII, D61GW, DS61GW,  L91GW, LMFS60F, MFPS, CBV 633, D61G, D61C, A1026G, DMFPW, SMN 8, DESIDESRH, MFPW, DS61GW, MSI 9160 ME Cecina, DEF608E, DMFPS62B, PEMX 664/1, DMFPS, D 61 G LPG, L91GW, DE60MPB, PMA 8 XP, DE926GWF, DMFPS62, DE608MRH, DE62MPS, DMFPSII, DE62MPS, PMAN 8, PEMA 965/1, DMV 8, MSB 9160 ME Cecina, DMA 8X, D906GWF, PEMR 965 A, DE6060MD, SMB6 Forni a incase, DE60E, PMA 8, SMV 6 CAT Forno a incase, MQ 162X, DESIDESRH, DE60MW, DOMFPW, SMI 6 CAT Forno a incase, PEMA 965/1, DMV 8, M 61MFX, M 92X, SMA 6 PRO Forno a incase, PEMB 965 A, PEMX 965/1, PEMX 965, PEMW 965, PEMX 664, PEMX 166 GHI, 8645 RX Cecina, PEMW 965/1, PEMX 166 GHIT, MQ 161X, DE60GW, D926GII, PEMX 965T, D926GWF, A106G, LMFW60F, DE60MW, DE608MLH, PEMA 965 A, DESIDESLH, PEMX 664/1 GHI, DE60MPS, D916GWF, A726G, D61EII, DE60MS, D61GW, DE6038MD, D61E, 61G, DEF9085DGW, LVB 5643 cucina, DESIDESLH, D90G, CMFPS, M 60MFX cucina, 8C4MFTX Cecina, TEMX 664V, TEMW 664/1 V, PMA 8, CX 822



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