Selector Smeg Rangehood Switch
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Selector Smeg Rangehood Switch

Genuine Smeg selector switch unit (electronic board) for Smeg and some Classique rangehoods. Includes plastic enclosure but no knobs as these are a separate part and can normally be swapped from your faulty switch. If your rangehood has an intermittent fault or the buttons don't function correctly this is the most likely part to need replacing.

Please note this part should be fitted by a qualified person as it requires soldering the mains voltage wiring to the new board. Depending on your model, use the dropdown box to select the correct part, if you are unsure which part to select either contact us or have your electrician check the Smeg/Classique part number (0808xxxx) on your board corresponds to those below:

  • Models K24PU, K24PUX (K24LS1A2PU) (replaces 08086239, 08080277, 08080294, 08086277) - Switch RHS51
  • Models IS20L, K24, SP196 (replaces 08080276, 08086118, 08086276) - Switch RHS52
  • Models K199MSS (08080275) - Switch RHS53
  • Models Classic 591 Powerpack, Classic 791 Powerpack, GI198L60, GI198L90, GI203L60 - Switch RHS54
  • Models K20.2XSA60, K20.2XSA90 (KK020L1APU),  Classique PowerPack P195 (replaces 08080278, 08086119, 08086126) - Switch is obsolete, no replacement, repair is possible if you send us your switch
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