Sensor Bosch Oven Temperature

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Bosch oven temperature sensor, PTC type, fitted to the top element assembly. If your Bosch electronic oven overheats this may well be the problem as they tend to lose calibration over time. Fitted to these model series:

HB632, HB634, HB652, HB653, HB672, HB674, HB675, HB676, HB834, HB835, HB836, HB874, HB875, HB876, HBA374, HBG632, HBG633, HBG656, HBG672, HBG673, HBG675, HBG676, HBG872, HBG875, HM836, HM876, HMG836, HN678, HNG676, HR675, HR676, HR876, HRG635, HRG656, HRG675, HRG676, HS858


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