Shore Power Kit - 16 Amp RCD


Sale price$332.39


Shore power lead kit to supply power to tools and appliances onboard when the vessel does not have its own switchboard. Supplied as individual components ready to assemble and/or install by a registered electrician.

  • Gewiss IP65 weatherproof enclosure to house circuit breaker and 3 pin socket outlet
  • Gewiss IP55 15 amp 3 pin socket outlet (accepts 10 amp and 15 amp plugs)
  • Gewiss 16 amp IP67 male plug (to connect to marina pillar box)
  • Legrand 16 amp RCD safety circuit breaker (RCBO)
  • Cable gland (for flexible cable entry into enclosure)
  • 15 metres of trade quality1.5mm 3 core heavy duty flexible cable, we can also supply this kit with marine flex

Please consider the following checklist prior to ordering:

  • The requirements of the marina/s you will be berthed at (your sparky may need to assist
  • If there is an EWOF required you could talk to your sparky/inspector to ensure signoff will be straightforward - there are various rules regarding age and length of vessel

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