Seal Smeg Oven Door 120cm Ovens

SKU: DS129

Sale price$89.00


Genuine Smeg oven door seal for 120cm ovens (both 60cm ovens), 4 clips hold this seal to the body of the oven, approx 470 x 350 stretched, easily user fitted. Fits the following models, use Ctrl-F to find your model or type your model into the search bar to find your parts:

A2-8, A2BL-8, A2D-8, A4-8, A4BL-8, ALFA43PRE, AP561X-8, AP578X-8, CB60CSV8, CB60G8, CB60MSE8, CB60SV8, CC92MX8, CG92N8, CG92X8, CS20-8, CS20FB-8, CS20NL-8, CS20NLA-8, CSA122X-8, CX60EMS8, CX60SV8, CX61GV8, CX6SV8, CX6SVNL8, D61SV, F608SB, F608SN, F608X, GM93X8, GO120, HBL6EI231, HBN6EI231, HG10LE150, HGL10E150, HGL21F350, HGN10E050, HGN10E060, HGN10G050, HGN10G060, HGN22F350, HGN22H350, HSL6EI231, JLFSEC608, JLFSEC610, JLFSMC607, JLFSMC609, JLRC904, JLRC905, PRESUK62MFX5, PRESUK62MX8, SA109-8, SA304X-8, SA304X1-8, SA306X-8, SA561X-8, SA561X-9, SA578X-8, SA578X-9, SC0468X-8, SC0485X-8, SC0521X-8, SC0578X-8, SC061X-8, SC106-8, SC106AL-8, SC106B-8, SC106N-8, SC106PZ-8, SC106SG-8, SC107N-8, SC107SG-8, SC109-8, SC109-8C, SC109N-8, SC109SG-8, SC166-8, SC166PZ-8, SC250X-8, SC341GX-8, SC341GXD8, SC371X-8, SC372X-8, SC381X-8, SC381XPZ8, SC420GN-8, SC425X-8, SC436N-8, SC436X-8, SC465AV-8, SC465B-8, SC465L-8, SC465N-8, SC465X-8, SC465X-8C, SC468X-8, SC485N-8, SC485X-8, SC521N-8, SC521X-8, SC536X-8, SC551X-8, SC561BT-8, SC561N-8, SC561X-8, SC561XT-8, SC562XN, SC568X-8, SC578N-8, SC578X-8, SC700AX-8, SC700BS-8, SC700PO-8, SC800A-8, SC800AVO8, SC800AVO9, SC800B-8, SC800C-8, SC800GAO9, SC800GPO9, SC800GVA8, SC800GVP8, SC800GVP9, SC800P-8, SC800P-9, SC805A-8, SC805AO-8, SC805AO-9, SC805AVO8, SC805AVO9, SC805P-8, SC805P-9, SC805PO-8, SC805PO-9, SC850A-8, SC850APZ8, SC850AVO8, SC850AVO9, SC850P-8, SC850RA-8, SC850X-8, SCB60GX8, SCB60MX8, SCB61GVX8, SCD60EMX8, SCD60GX8, SCD60MX8, SCD61GVX8, SCMW580PZ, SCT105-8, SCT105-9, SCT105N-9, SCT105N8, SCT105SG8, SCT105SG9, SCT109-8, SCT109B-8, SCT109N-8, SCT109SG8, SCT475X-8, SCT485X-8, SCT486X-8, SCT486X-9, SF0351X, SF341GGX, SF341GGXK, SF341GVX, SF341GVXD, SF341GX, SF420GN, SF425X, SF465AL, SF465AV, SF465B, SF465N, SF465TT, SF465X, SF521N, SF521X, SF561B, SF561BT, SF561N, SF561X, SF561XT, SF6341GVX, SF800GVAO, SF800GVP, SF800GVPO, SFT470X, SFT476X, SFT570X, SNL60MX8, SNL61GX8, SNL61MA8, SNL61MX8, SNL926MA8, SNL926MX8, SSA60MX8, SUK62CMX8, SUK62MBL8, SUK62MX8, SUK92CBL8, SUK92CMX8, SUK92MBL8, SUK92MP8, SUK92MP9, SUK92MRW8, SUK92MX8, SY62MX8, W320N, W320NX, W320XN, W361B, W361N, W361XN, W378X

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