Switchboard 4-Way Caravan + AFDD
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Switchboard 4-Way Caravan + AFDD

  • Product SKU: SWB4IP.AFDD16

4-Way IP rated surface mount caravan switchboard (dust & moisture resistant) complete with Schneider Arc Fault Detector. The safest board to protect both the van and its occupants from a wide range of electrical faults including the most common cause of electrical fire - arcs. Board measures 210mm x 140w x 100h. Schneider Arc Fault Detector (AFDD) 16 amp, 6kA, 30mA.

AFDDs - The latest technology in circuit protection combining a standard circuit breaker with an RCD and an arc fault detector to protect wiring against the widest possible range of fault conditions. AFDDs are becoming mandatory for critical buildings like resthomes and schools but they are also an investment in protecting any dwelling and its occupants from the risk of electrical fire - one in five house fires are caused by electrical arcs. The risk from ageing wiring installations can be mitigated and signed-off using these devices, sometimes saving thousands in rewiring costs.

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