Switchboard 6 Way Caravan Upgrade AS/NZS


Version: SWB6S1
Sale price$124.00


Switchboards designed to allow caravans & motorhomes achieve compliance with the latest version of AS/NZS 3001 and upgrade older caravans to electrical WOF standard. These boards would also be used for a cabin or sleepout if it was possible to be moved and/or was plugged in on a caravan type supply lead.

  • 6 way surface switchboard (can also be mounted flush by using a surround trim)
  • Choose a board with the correct number of circuits for your installation or contact us for advice or custom boards - 6 amp for lighting, 10 amp for additional power point or similar circuits. Each circuit that you install must be protected by its own RCBO
  • All RCBOs (RCD with over-current protection) are Legrand rated 230 volts, 30mA, Type A
  • Overall dimensions 195w x 245h x 90d, or flush cutout 150w xs 200h x 65d
SWB6S1: 1 x 16 amp RCBO (1 circuit)
SWB6S2: 1 x 16 amp, 1 x 6 amp RCBO (2 circuits)
SWB6S3: 1 x 16 amp, 1 x 6 amp, 1 x 10 amp RCBO (3 circuits)
SWB6S4: 1 x 16 amp, 1 x 6 amp, 2 x 10 amp RCBO (4 circuits)
SWB6S5: 1 x 16 amp, 1 x 6 amp, 3 x 10 amp RCBO (5 circuits)
SWB6S6: 1 x 16 amp, 1 x 6 amp, 4 x 10 amp RCBO (6 circuits)

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