Switchboard Gewiss with 1/2/3 Caravan Sockets

SKU: GW68017N

Outlet number: 1 x 16 Amp
Sale price$110.00


Gewiss switchboard enclosure with mounting flange/s. Complies with EN60309 standard, rated IP65 weatherproof. Select enclosure with either one, two or three mounting flanges.

Related products which could be fitted to these enclosures (not included):

RCBO (RCD): 411131 - Enclosure can fit up to 5 single module circuit breakers or RCDs
16 AMP IP67 SOCKET: GW62227H - These sockets can be fitted to any enclosure in any position
32 AMP IP67 SOCKET: GW62238H - Can only be fitted to GW68020N double enclosure

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