Temperature Limiter Smeg 90C SA SE N/C

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Temperature limiter for Smeg ovens. Rated 190 degrees C. This is the safety cutout that controls the element circuits.

Temperature Limiters Explained

SAP399X-8, AYPYID-6, FP610AB, SCA709X, SA20XMFR8, SAP306X-8, SCP112B-8, CL60FGAX, SAP109-8, FP610AN, SA20XMFR, FP610X, C92GMX8, SAP112-8, SCP112N-8, SUK92MFP5, XXEC92IPX, FP610SBL, S709X-7, SUK92MX8, A2, A2A, C6GMX, SUK61CMX5, SUK92MFX5 


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