Towel Rail Heater Control Wiser/Zigbee


Sale price$157.00


The ultimate towel rail heater control - forget switching it on and off manually and those annoying "towel rail timers" that noone can ever re-programme, this simple module from Schneider is easily programmed by the Wiser app on your phone. Keeps your towels dry ready for when you want but saves heaps of power by cycling the heater according to your needs. Manual over-ride just press the button. If you want the kit pre-programmed to any specific times before shipping let us know and it will be shipped with your preferences at no extra charge - either way it is ready to use out of the box as a standard switch.

  • Schneider Wiser Connected Module
  • Rated 10 amps at 220-240 volts AC, 15 amps resistive loads
  • Vivid White Iconic plate and flexible cable entry
  • Scheduling, run-on, delay timer functions
  • Programmable LED (LED on when heater is on or off or turn LED permanently on or off)
  • Can be added to the Schneider Hub (not supplied) in ZigBee mode as your Home Automation system grows
  • Custom configurations and programming available, please enquire

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