Westinghouse Hinge Bonding Kit
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Westinghouse Hinge Bonding Kit

Westinghouse oven door hinge bonding kit to suit oven models: 4U600, 4U601, 4U602, 4U603, 4U604, 4U605, 4U606, 4U608, 4U609, 62H622, 62H636, 62H682, PAK804, PAK806, PAK808, EDEE, EOEE, EOEM, EUEE, PDN790S, PDN790W, PDN794S, PON663, PON667S, PON667W, PON668S, PON668W, PON783S, PAK130W, PAK558W, GUK512WNG, GUK527WNG

Hinges are bonded to the oven door so require this kit comprising two hinges and high temperature adhesive silicon with fitting instructions. Fitting this kit requires dismantling the oven door, removing the old hinges with a heat gun, then fitting the new hinges to the door back with the supplied silicon.

Included in kit: 2 hinges, high temperature silicon adhesive, instructions.

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