Wiser Connected Switch Timer Zigbee 10 Amp


Sale price$189.10


Schneider pushbutton dimmer/timer module.  Designed to mount to PDL Iconic grid plates (maximum three to a plate). Not your standard switch module, this mech is capable of timer & scheduling functions and boasts Bluetooth and Zigbee connectivity.

  • 230 volts AC 4 terminals: live/active, neutral, load, Controlink
  • Controlink can be used to link multiple switches using only one wire
  • Pushbutton operation, easily configured and controlled by the Wiser App (IOS and Google Play)
  • Switch and timer (interval & schedule) in one compact module
  • Approximately 6 hours settings standby in the event of power failure
  • Rated 10 amps (15 amp resistive load eg elements)
  • Bluetooth, Zigbee 
  • Compatible with Schneider Hub

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