6 Way Switchboard Kits Sleepouts & Garages


Kit: MCB1
Sale price$77.36


6-way switchboard complete with main switch, circuit breakers, busbars and labels. This size board is ideal for small sleepouts and garages or any small installation where the switchboard only needs a few circuits fed off it. All fitted with quality components your electrician will be happy to install and sign off.

Select from the following options, click on the dropdown box shows individual prices. Any questions please feel free to ask or checkout our guide:

• MCB1: Main sw + 1 x 6 amp, 1 x 10 amp circuit breaker
• MCB2: Main sw + 1 x 6, 2 x 10 amp
• MCB3: Main sw + 1 x 6, 3 x 10 amp
• MCB6: Main sw + 63 amp RCCB (RCD), 1 x 6A, 2 x 10A
• MCB7: Main sw + 63 amp RCCB (RCD), 1 x 6A, 1 x 16A, 1 x 20A

SWITCHBOARD: 6-way can be mounted surface or flush, overall 245h x 195w x 90d or flush cutout 200x150x60d. Complete with busbars & labels.

MCB: PDL Schneider Domae (6-16 amp) or Gewiss (2 amp), all rated 6kA

RCCB: Legrand 63 amp 30mA, Type A

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