Belt Vogue Dryer Drum Small Pulley


Sale price$38.00


Dryer drum belt (for the small jockey pulley) fitted to these dryers:
VOGUE: 360211, 361301, 361302, 361172, 361173, 361175
BEKO: DCU7230X DC7130S DC7230S DC7230B DC7132S DC7130 TA3000 SLC7L2 S1573
BDB7135W, BDS7034M, BDS7034W, BDS8033W, BDU9044W, CDS8400GW, CDU8104GX0W2, CDY8105, CESL7PCW, DB7111PA0W, DB7131PA0S, DB7131PA0W, DB8112PA0W, DB8131PA0S, DB8131PA0W, DBBU81310W, DBED8GW, DBED9GWS, DC713, DC7130, DC7130S, DC7132, DC7132S, DC7230, DC7230B, DC7230S, DCU7230S
DCU7230X, DCU7231, DCU7330BLEU, DCU7330NOIR, DCU7330ROUGE, DCU7430,
DCU7430S, DCU823, DCU8230X, DCU8230XS, DCU8231G, DCU8302G, DCU8330X, DCU8331GX, DCU8402, DCU8430X, DCU8431G, DCU930, DCU9302X, DCU9330, DCU9330X, DCU9330XS, DCU9331GX, DCU9331GXS, DCY824, DCY8402GX, DCY8502GX
DCY9402GX, DDB7101PA0W, DDB8102PA1W, DDS7433GX0W, DDS8433GX0W, DDS8556GX1W, DE8404PA0W, DE8433RX0W, DE9331PA0W, DE9333GA0W, DF8535RX0W, DH10444PX1W, DH9433RX0W, DPU7304GX, DPU7440, DPU8304, DPU8305GX, DPU8306GX, DPU8306X, DPU8340X, DPU8341GX, DPU8341X, DPU8360X, DPU8361GX, DPY8405GX, DPY8506GX, DS7304GA0W, DS7304PA0W, DS7331PA0W, DS7333GA0W, DS7404GX0W, DS7433GX0W, DS7433PA0W, DS8133GX1M, DS8133GX1W, DS8312PA1W, DS8331PA1W, DS8333GA0W, DS8433GX0W, DSBU84310W, DU10133GX0W, DU8104GX0W, DU8133GA0W, DU9104GA0W, DU9133GA0W, DU9133GX1W, ESLC8D5, ESLC8DD1S, ESLHP8D5, GTN27112G, GTN37110G, GTN38250, GTN48250GC, CEASLCE7DD, SHLP7L1, SLC07W1, SLC08W1, SLC08W2, SLC09W1, SLC09W2, SLC7L3, SLP07W1, SLP10W1, SLP10WS2, SLSC818W, SLSC8BE16W, SLSPC7BE17W, SLSPC818W, TA3000, TC3000

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