Electrode Classique Baumatic Gas Ignition Aux/Semi/Rapid

SKU: 09P107

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Gas burner ignition electrode fitted to some Baumatic & Classique cooktops:
CL90SS.1, PK64SS, BKACG7502-CF, PK75FSS, CLFG2SS.1, CL66SS.1, BKACG6001, BK44SS, PK95SS, BK62SS, BK62W, BKG64SS,CL64SS.1, CL64W.1, BK61SS, CLF61SS, PK62SS, BK68SS, CL64SS, CLF68SS 
Alternative: 810930153

Note: unless you are certain of the part number please check with us regarding your model and position on the hob


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