Electrode F&P Gas Ignition CG60


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Gas burner ignition electrode fitted to some F&P & Delonghi gas hobs. This electrode is fitted to the semi-rapid and auxilliary burners, 630mm length, 35mm electrode. Genuine F&P part. 
F&P: CG604CLPX2, CG604, OR90S, OR60S, EX66 Series
DELONGHI: DEGH70WF, DE906GWF, D926GII, L61II, PEMX664/1 GHI, DGX664, LGHW60, DE91GW, DGW664, DEF608GW, DEGH60, LGHS60, YEMX9642B, YAL59ASDV, IL46ASV, DGHS70WF, DEGH60WT, PGVB965GHI, D906GII, BL46ASV, P600DL011W, DGHS90WF, TGX965A, PGX965, DEGH60BG, DEW6631, AVF57AVT, YEMX664, YGX965B, NL46ASV, NL59ASDV, YNF46ASV, DEW664, BL46AS, PEMX166GHI, DEGH70W, BF36ASR, DEMK9642B, YAF57ASV, ARF46ASDV, DE91GW1, DE61GW, A1026G, PEMA 965/1, PGX664, A1346G, D61GII, D906GII, DE906GWF, DGHS60, DS61GW 

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