Electrode F&P Gas Ignition CG604

SKU: 575072

Sale price$19.90


Gas burner ignition electrode fitted to some F&P gas hobs. This electrode is fitted to the triple ring wok burner. Genuine F&P part. Note: unless you are certain of the part number please check with us regarding your model and position on the hob:
89127-A CG604CWX1 85124-A CG604CWX2 85038-A CG604LWFX1 85060-A CG905LWFCX1 85229-A CG905LWFCX2 89102-A ELBA 360 EX SS 81056-A HCG604WFCW1 81055-A HCG604WFCX1 81054-A HCG604WW1 81053-A HCG604WX1 81466-A CG604CWFW1 80449-B CG604CWFW1 85122-A CG604CWFX2 89128-A CG604CWW1 85302-A CG604CWW2 

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