Electrode F&P Gas Ignition OR

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Gas burner ignition electrode fitted to some F&P & Delonghi gas hobs. This electrode is fitted to the wok burner. Genuine F&P part. Note: unless you are certain of the part number please check with us regarding your model and position on the hob:

F&P: 81571-C OR120DDWGFX2, 81571-A OR120DDWGFX2, 80833-B OR120DDWGFX2 
80833-A OR120DDWGFX2, 80556-B OR120DDWGFX1, 80556-A OR120DDWGFX1 
81571-B OR120DDWGFX2 
DELONGHI:  D906GII, C9S0DA004X, D916GWF,C9S0DA009X, DE906GWF,C9S0DA006X, DE906GWF,C9S0DA108X, DEFP907S,C9S0DA109W, DEFP907W, C9S0DA002X, D906GWF,C100DA002X, A106G,C100DA001X, A106G,C9T0DA001X, D926GII, C9T0DA002X, D926GWF,C9T0DA004X, DE926GWF, C9T0DA003X, DE926GWF, C1T0DA001X, A1026G, C1T0DA002X, A1026G, C480DA002X, AP1246GWT,C480DA001X, AP1246GWT, C130DA001X, A1346G

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